Tree Plantation Campaign to combat Climate Change

About Gen4Trees

Gen4Trees: Green War Green is Freedom


Tree plantation is one of the most effective tools as trees help to combat global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide, removing and storing carbon while releasing oxygen back into the air. As trees also reduce wind speeds and cool the air as they lose moisture and reflect heat upwards from their leaves. It’s estimated that trees can reduce the temperature in a city by up to 7°C. Other environmental benefits include the fact they help to prevent flooding, landslides and soil erosion, by absorbing thousands of liters of storm water.

Trees and forests also play important roles in reducing landslide risk through various mechanisms. Tree roots reinforce soil layers, anchor the soil to bedrock and form buttresses against soil movement. Trees also reduce landslide risk by lowering soil moisture levels – interception, evaporation and transpiration are the primary mechanisms. These mechanisms, and others, also make trees valuable in land reclamation following landslides. Furthermore, trees help to reduce soil erosion and can form an effective barrier against rock, debris and soil slips, as well as limiting landslide run-out distance.

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. The country is suffering for sea level rise, higher temperatures, enhanced monsoon precipitation, and an increase in cyclone intensity, These impacts are extremely detrimental to the economy, the environment, national development, and the people of Bangladesh. Besides, Bangladesh air pollution has increased excessive level for constructions. Clean air is now a dream and people are suffering acute disease for such air pollution.

In this background, Global Law Thinkers Society GLTS has started Tree Plantation Campaign “Gen4Trees: Green War Green is Freedom”, inspired by the freedom fighting and Independence of Bangladesh. “Green Guardians” will protect and restore environment and “Tree Guardians” protect Trees.

Mass tree plantation is the easiest and quickest solution to fight climate change and restore environment.

Engaging young and youth we can transform Bangladesh and the World into a greener country. Also we can create awareness for environment and engage mass people for climate action

About Gen4Trees​

Tree Plantation Campaign to combat Climate Change


Green War Green Freedom (সবুজ যুদ্ধ সবুজে মুক্তি)

 Tree Guardian & Green Guardian


  • Plant 10million trees in Bangladesh and Conserving, restoring and growing maximum trees by 2030.
  • Plant trees in all over the world where climate change is affecting badly.
  • Aware and inspire people to plant trees through Sports and Cultural Programs
  • Run Mass tree plantation campaign and Workshops for Students.
  • Restoration aims to prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of environment, Water and ecosystem worldwide.
  • Inspire for Eco-preneursihip and use of eco-friendly products.


  • To plant trees for reducing global warming and maintain optimal level oxygen density along the species diversity and vegetation diversity
  • To create awareness and conduct movement for air, water and sound pollution.
  • To provide environment literacy.
  • To engage youth in healthy environment friendly sports and culture.
  • To contribute in zero net emissions and use of green energy.
  • To combat climate change and cut off a worldwide temperature alteration to well under 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to increase resilience to the adverse impacts of climate change in vulnerable developing countries for ensuring secure sustainable development goals with engagement of youth.
  • To recreate, initiate, or accelerate the recovery of Environment that has been disturbed by engaging of Youth
  • To promote advance green economic development, improve energy security, improve access to energy, and mitigate climate change.
  • To create eco-friendly business and entrepreneurs.
  • To stop one time plastic use and increase use of eco-friendly products.

Initiative under

Guardian of the Earth (GEarth)- an SDG Leadership Model Program, is introducing -Tree plantation campaign. It is a joint initiative with several stakeholders aiming to combat climate change and create root connection of human with the Mother Earth at the time of Climate Emergency.


Every Year the most Tree contributor will receive "Guardian of the Earth- Green/Tree Guardian Award"

Plantation Location

19 Districts of Coastal Area, to build Green Wall and mass tree plantation in other 45 Districts of Bangladesh. Global Partners Plant Globally This program is also running in all over the world by GLTS Chapters Leaders and partners.

Area of Plantation

River Side, Educational Institutes, home, roadside, forestation based on needs and scope

Implementation Time

September to November 2022 -2030.

Target Number of Plants

million trees by 2030

Types of Plants:​

Fastest growing plants/trees different local species that reduce carbon emissions, provide more oxygen maximum level, give shelter to birds, bees, animals and insects, and provide food and economical contribution.​

Actions for Climate Change

  • Mass Tree Plantation
  • Environment Literacy
  • Awareness Movement
  • Climate Action
  • Workshop
  • Green Economy and Tradeshow
  • Green Citizenship

🌷 Program Types:

  • We will collect funds and plant trees
  • We will conduct campaigns and workshops in Educational Institutes to teach students about environment and climate action
  • We will do street movement and awareness program
  • We will conduct online and offline Seminars and Panel Discussion
  • Publish Report and Progress

Gen4Trees: Green War Green is Freedom


Together we can plant roots for tomorrow. Your involvement as the ―Strategic Partner can turn the tide of deforestation and help us protect and expand greeneries in our cities before they shrink even further. You’ll do more than put a seed in the ground—you’ll make sure these habitats can survive for future generations.

Your logo will be used in all our promotional tools. In the event we will announce the name of you/company and as well help to disseminate the news in various media houses for the collaboration. Also we will publish the news and article in all our social media.

We will also award and give title of “Tree Guardian” or “Green Guardian” based on contribution and participation

We expect participants and guests from different work of life in our tree plantation event.

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